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Products offered:

* Frames and lenses
* Single vision reading and distance lenses/bifocal lenses/multifocal lenses
* Lens coatings
* Anti-reflective – for computer users/night vision
* Hard coatings – to protect against scratching
* Lens add-ons
* Transitions – changes colour from indoors to outdoors
* Hi-refractive index – lenses will be thinner and lighter
* Lens tinting
* Prescription sunglasses
* Night vision

Protective eyewear with the importance of employee safety in mind, we provide
UVEX protective eyewear, even in prescription bi or multifocal lenses.


Certified Safety lenses – Ultimate Optical-
A licensed lens manufacturing partner for uvex safety South Africa. They are certified to manufacture prescription safety spectacles for uvex which meet the EN standard, thus offering the customer the highest level of safety prescription eyewear on the market.

                                         -uvex safety lenses – Lenses are the most important component of safety prescription eyewear.Lenses are selected to meet the personal vision requirements for the work environment.
              It is therefore crucial to use lenses that can withstand extraordinary pressure.

             We supply Polycarbonate lenses, (Modified Plastic CR39 3.3ct.) and Trivex, as they offer significantly greater impact resistance. Glass is also available when required.
Lens Properties (Table)

uvex prescription safety frames - uvex safety frames are divided into 4 main groups:
Plastic Frames
Metal frames
uvex Rx sp
uvex Rx gravity zero
These groups are sub-divided into different frame models available.
Refer to for all non- prescription safety models available.


Safety spectacles can only fulfil their purpose if they are accepted and worn by the individual they are meant to protect. It is therefore essential that prescription safety eyewear includes the same prescription as the employee’s standard spectacles and is adapted to the specific vision requirements of the workplace.

uvex Safety eyewear highlights

The rapid rate of progress in trade and industry presents us with the ongoing challenge of finding new solutions that successfully combine safety, functionality, quality and design. Our aim is to develop safety eyewear which protects perfectly and allows perfect vision at the same time.


Single vision:
One focal point throughout the lens – this is used to correct mainly distance vision.

Bifocal lenses:
Two separate portions – the top part being for distance correction and the bottom part for reading or near vision correction.

Multifocal/Progressive lenses:

Designed to give the wearer distance, intermediate and near vision correction without the usual “jump” line used in bifocals.
This offers natural, smooth and uninterrupted transition from one focus point to another.
All Polycarbonate lenses are treated with a special hard coat which improves scratch resistance up to six times compared to uncoated lenses.
We also offer Transitions Polycarbonate lenses in all the above designs.
These lenses darken in sunlight and lighten indoors to offer automatic sun protection and
visual comfort to wearers.
Polycarbonate’s impact resistant nature could tempt you to forgo placing these
lenses into a safety frame, using a regular spectacle frame instead.
Regular spectacle frames are not capable of holding up to the impact of a violent contact situation and could cause major injuries to the wearer’s face.

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