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Prescription Safety

We offer on-site prescribing of safety spectacles.
The service we provide is to enable you as an employer to supply your employees with the correct safety eyewear while on site, saving time and money.

Forklift and heavy machinery screenings

We also offer an additional service to assist companies with regulation on forklift and other heavy machinery operators

Few would deny that vision is a critical aspect of many jobs. Whether the job involves driving, visual inspection or quality control, vision can be very important to safe and effective job performance.    Despite these facts, employers seldom specify vision requirements for specific jobs.

Driving machinery with blurry vision is dangerous and illegal too.  Safety legislation requires that drivers of machinery (e.g. forklift drivers) must obtain Visual Fitness Certificates from optometrists with specific reference to day vision, night vision and depth perception. Government Notice No. R. 145, 18 February 2005, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT, 1993 (ACT NO. 85 OF 1993), NOTICE OF INCORPORATION, DRIVEN MACHINERY REGULATIONS.

Mobilize Optometrists offer the following service in this regard:

Conduct visual screening and issue you with individual visual fitness certificates on each of your drivers’ visual status at a cost of R250.00 per driver.
If needed, we can prescribe relevant spectacles (payment method to be determined).

          We offer the following packages to non-medical aid employees:
R550 for single vision lenses (spectacle frame included).
R 1000 for bifocal lenses (spectacle frame included).
R 1990 for multifocal lenses (spectacle frame included).
Additional coatings / lens tints will be charged for at normal rates as per patient request.
Frames are from a selected range

If salary deductions on the above price structure applies kindly finalize confirmation before the day of our scheduled visit.

We deliver spectacles to the employees at the same venue within three weeks from payment received.

b. Latest Regulations pertaining to Machine drivers Certificate as received by us:

 The screening encompasses the following:

Vision:                   R6/9 L6/9 as a minimum for each eye with best correction.
Refraction:             Recorded with best acuity (unaided and aided for each eye)
Spectacles:             Details of the lens design prescribed (where necessary)
Visual Fields:         Confrontation (nasal & temporal degrees for each eye)
Colour Vision:       Grade 2 defective safe (i.e. colour wires & lantern)
Depth Perception:  Stereovision (Distance and Near)
Pathology:              Noted (including systemic conditions that may impact on vision)

The basic requirement is therefore:

V/A                                R 6/9    L6/9
Confrontation Fields    Gross fields for nasal and temporal field of view only
Stereopsis                    Depth perception, which is only evident if no binocular vision defect is present
Scotopic vision            Night vision, which requires good corrected vision
Colour Vision               Defective safe implies gross recognition of colour in good light
Should the candidate require spectacles to meet the criteria above, this ought to be recorded and prescribed along with any significant pathology findings that may impact on the result in future.

Industrial Safety

We are committed to deliver an optimum service in the field of safety eyewear in the workplace.
In line with our commitment we are in partnership with two global market leaders, Uvex and Ultimate Optical.


We choose not to test onsite as it is better to build up a relationship and history with your local optometrist. If needed a refraction test can be done.
We will always refer back to your local optometrist for re testing or if we detect any condition that needs further investigation.
Therefore we need a current prescription from the optometrist, not older than 6 months.
The necessary measurements are taken on site, and fitting of the safety frame evaluated to finalise the order.
We forward a quotation after the initial visit to be signed off for approval or to obtain a purchase order number before ordering the spectacles.
Safety spectacles are delivered, comfort-fitted and adjusted (where possible) at the company.


We pride ourselves in maintaining lifelong relationships with our clients and encourage open communication and feedback.
This enables us to uphold the quality of our services and products.
We offer reports on request from our clients.

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